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      I think I know what is going to happen, Sandy decided, as they crossed the course of the hydroplane so that its two tiny colored beams showed at the same instant. Hell wait till we get closer in to the Connecticut shore line and then hell douse the glim and leave us with nothing to watch.Golly-gracious, Dick! I think youve found the reason

      They did not understand, of course, that poor Belgium would have liked nothing better than to remain neutral also.

      If no one else knows Im aroundI can watch and see a lot that others might miss. Im going to have that seaplane brought hereand then Ill be around, watching to see who comes snoopingif anybody does. As I live and breathe, I think thats a great idea, dont you?


      The man who had this experience was Mr. Coppieters, the District Commissioner, a man who had given all his life to the service of society and the good of the community.1. The steam-engine is an agent for utilising the power of heat and applying it to useful purposes.

      Sound common sense, commented Miss Serena. But if you ask


      Butwhat? demanded Dick.


      Cutting, as a process in converting material, includes the force to propel cutting edges, means to guide and control their action, and mechanism to sustain and adjust the material acted upon. In cutting with hand tools, the operator performs the two functions of propelling and guiding the tools with his hands; but in what [58] is called power operations, machines are made to perform these functions. In nearly all processes machines have supplanted hand labour, and it may be noticed in the history and development of machine tools that much has been lost in too closely imitating hand operations when machines were first applied. To be profitable, machines must either employ more force, guide tools with more accuracy, or move them at greater speed, than is attainable by hand. Increased speed may, although more seldom, be an object in the employment of machinery, as well as the guidance of implements or increased force in propelling them. The hands of workmen are not only limited as to the power that may be exerted, and unable to guide tools with accuracy, but are also limited to a slow rate of movement, so that machines can be employed with great advantage in many operations where neither the force nor guidance of tools are wanting.He pointed to a couple of soldiers, and they laid hold of me. They took me to a small room, where I was astonished to find two soldiers with revolvers guarding a priest and a peasant. As soon as the door was closed behind me I wished to chat with my fellow-prisoners, for even in prison I was not oblivious of my journalistic duties. But they seemed not at all anxious to have anything to do with me, and I soon understood the reason why. At each question they threw timid glances at the two watch-dogs, and I saw that fear of these made them withhold all information. However, after a good deal of trouble I got to know that the priest was the parish priest, and his companion in misery the burgomaster. They had been taken as hostages, and would suffer punishment for acts the villagers might eventually commit against the German usurpers. I contented myself with this, as I felt104 that in the circumstances further questions might make things awkward for these two men.


      He decided to go back and see if the hangar, with its door wide, was still deserted. Sandy had a misgiving that the woman might be a decoy and that the hangar ought to be watched.